I'm Amanda. There are many titles in life that apply to me: mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend. There are others I'd like to claim, but am not sure I'm qualified: photographer, writer, artist.

I started a family blog, oed, in 2005 to capture and remember everyday moments with my growing family. Since then, I've become more and more interested in photography. This blog, photOEDaily, came about as a resolution to myself. Take a picture everyday. Write something to go with it. One day I stumbled upon the blog Habit, and got teary at the everyday beauty found there. I want to focus on the everyday beauty found here, in my life. So, in essence, I copied. Here's my knock-off version.

As with oed, this is something I do for me. I'm always surprised when other people enjoy it too.

(All the pictures are unedited, unless otherwise noted.)